A forty-kilometer lure fishing area in Kymijoki!

The unique fishing license area of Keski-Kymi starts from Ankkapurha dam, Kouvola Inkeroinen, continuing through Ahvionkoski to the west branch of Kymijoki, all the way to Pyhtää Lake Tammijärvi.
It is an exciting river with rapids for casting and calmer areas for rowing and trolling.
The abundant and versatile fish stock is constantly taken care of. This includes, e.g., the many fish plantings of the summer season.

You need permits for fishing

The license of the Keski-Kymi Special Fishing area

A fishing area permit is mandatory for everyone!

The easiest way to get a permit is at the online store, kalakortti.com. Permits are also sold at some service points in the area.

1 day €15/ €7.50
One week €30/€15
Season €80/€40

So that the permit can be checked immediately on the spot, take a screenshot of the license or order it on your phone!

State fishery management fee

The fishery management fee is mandatory for every person aged 18 to 69. You can buy it from the Eräluvat service.

However, the payment obligation does not apply to persons who have reached the age of 65 by 31 December 2023,

One day €6
Seven days €16
Year €47

More information about the fishing area

The area is one of the longest contiguous special fishing permit areas in Southern Finland. The project, implemented in cooperation with water area owners and cities, promotes fishing tourism and thereby also boosts the region’s tourism and industries and improves the area’s attractiveness and image.

The area is gaining a significant reputation among fishermen and fisherwomen. The Kymijoki River offers excellent opportunities for other recreational activities, such as kayaking and hiking. Moreover, there are ample opportunities for engaging in cultural activities at the region’s historical sites. Cycling routes occasionally run along the Kymijoki River.

The area features both rowing fishing areas and motor trolling areas, as well as fishing spots from the shore. There are also fishing prohibition areas, so be careful and check the map and rules.

Known for its long fishing traditions and abundant fish stocks, the Kymijoki River now offers excellent opportunities for anglers in the Central Kymi special fishing permit area.

Pietreenkoski is a swift and popular fishing spot. Susikoski is a deep and wide stream, the Ahvionkoski area starts as stream-like but eventually turns into several powerful rapids. In the western branch are Hirvivuolle and Hirvikoski, fishing spots anglers favor. Elsewhere, the area features stream-like riffles and pools.

Fishing Ban and Prohibited Areas

All fishing is prohibited in rapids and stream areas from October 1st to November 30th throughout the Keski-Kymi special fishing permit area. The prohibited areas can be found online: Kymijoki rapids and stream areas.

SEE ALSO > fishingrestrictions.fi > Defining the rapids and stream areas of the migratory fish water system in the Kymijoki water system.

Watch the fishing video "Salmon Managers on Kymijoki" and a discussion of the fishing area and pike fishing.

Catch announcement!

Don’t forget to report your catch – We will award five annual permits for the next season among those who reported!

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